Empowering teachers in Delhi World Public School, Ajmer with a unique workshop on maintaining mental wellness, building interpersonal relationships, managing stress, and encouraging self-motivation, as we continue on our mission of enriching experiences of learners we connect with.

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Reflections 2021 - An annual get together with our esteemed authors.

Our endeavour through this engaging platform was to collaboratively discuss and deliberate effective learning solutions with our esteemed authors (having decades of experience in the field of education), that meets the evolving needs of learners, educators, and parents. This initiative stems from our mission of “enriching the experiences of learners that we connect with” and working together to design solutions that make Indiannica’s learning solutions more exciting, engaging, and relevant.

The zeal of authors combined with the passion of the team resulted in stimulating conversations and discussions, paving the way for the future.

Reflections 2021 marks the beginning of a new era for us and together with the passion of our authors we are looking forward to reaching greater heights as we continue to be the most trusted learning solutions company in India, and beyond.



The New Normal–Academic Challenges & Health Demeanors–Post-lockdown School Operations

Date : 26th June 2020

Rebooting K-12 Education in the context of the new NEP

Date : 28th August 2020

Managing Physical and Emotional Wellness

Date : 22nd October 2020

Skill Development: Mission NEP 2020

Date : 08th January 2021

Best Practices of School Leaders in the New Normal

Date : 26th February 2021

Transforming K-12 Curriculum through STEAM Integration

Date : 30th April 2021

Roadmap for the Future without Board Exams

Date : 28th May 2021

Transforming Education through Virtual Learning

Date : 24th September 2021


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