International Benchmark Test (IBT)

International Benchmark Test (IBT)

"The IBT is an internationally administered program of assessments in English, Mathematics, Science and Reasoning for students in primary and secondary schools with tests appropriate for each grade level. The IBT program was established in 2005 to provide schools in all countries with a high-quality skills-based assessment not linked to any national curriculum. This allows students from all countries to be compared fairly. The IBT is written by a select team of ACER test-writing experts using the latest pedagogical research. Once the assessments have been sat and the data collected, ACER's experienced psychometricians use the Rasch model of Item Response Theory to analyse the results. ACER then produces developmental scales for each subject onto which students are placed."

Schools use the IBT to:

•Identify student strengths and weaknesses in each subject.

•Provide teachers with reliable data to inform their teaching.

•Compare student and school performance internationally.

•Monitor student progress from one year to the next.